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Keep Lakes Safe

While District 5 encompasses much of the lakeshore dorms and the Eagle Heights community, it also contains a majority of Lake Mendota. Naturally, keeping this vital waterbody clean and healthy will be a major priority for Henry on the County Board.


Henry will continue to fund the Suck the Muck Program to reduce phosphorus concentration in our lakes. He would also support expanding this vital program to watersheds outside of the Yahara watershed. 


The County should also accelerate ongoing efforts to convert existing county-owned agricultural fields to sustainable prairies which will reduce harmful runoff and provide habitat for native species. 


Furthermore, county residents have greatly benefited from weed control boats on our lakes as well as increased dredging efforts on the Yahara river. Given the importance of these services, it is vital that we keep these programs fully staffed and ensure that wages are competitive with the private sector.

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