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Dane County Jail

Dane County Jail

The current jail space is inhumane and many of the facilities are outdated. Additionally, Dane County is spending millions of dollars each year to send inmates as far away as Oneida County to reduce overcrowding.  A new facility is necessary and must be constructed in a financially prudent manner. It is also important to enact reforms to the justice system that make it more equitable for all.

Once the new facility is constructed, existing services would be consolidated to the new center leading to the closure of the William H. Ferris Huber Center. Henry, along with many county leaders, supports transitioning this space into a community crisis center.


Adaptive Reuse of Existing Jail Space

The new facility will leave two floors of the City-County Building unoccupied. Henry supports a re-envisioning process for the space so it can continue to serve county residents and staff for generations to come, reducing the need to create additional office space down the line. 

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