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Growing County Visibility

What Does the County Do?

Not many members of our campus community know the impact that the Dane County government has on their daily lives and the environment around them. As a supervisor, Henry will push to expand county government visibility through various events and public outreach initiatives.

Events as simple as Meet a Weed Boat Day with Babcock Ice Cream hosted at the Terrace could be a tangible way to see how the county government keeps our campus beautiful and safe.

Increasing Food Security

Henry also wants to expand the Dane County food pantry system to better serve the campus area. The 2024 Dane County Budget, as proposed by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, included $11 million in funding for local food pantries. $6 million of this was dedicated to the popular Farm to Food Bank program. While that is excellent news for food-insecure people, it leaves out much of the campus area.

District 5 does have one food bank distribution site in Eagle Heights, but it is a long bus ride and therefore inaccessible for many students in the district. District 5 does not have a single full-service grocery store either. With grocery prices on the rise and ordering an Uber sometimes the most reasonable way for residents to get to a grocery store to get healthy food, many choose to go to the campus dining halls if they live in dorms or spend the extra money to get to a full-service grocery store.

On the county board, Henry will support increasing accessibility of food banks in District 5 and increasing the presence of the Farm to Food Bank program to help supplement college students' tight budgets and promote a healthy diet.

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