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Alliant Energy Center

Everybody loves to see live music, but as any student knows, to see a big-name musician or group play, a ticket for a 2+ hour bus ride has their name on it. Madison has a huge market for live music and events but no space to host them. While the Sylvee, the Barrymore, or the Orpheum can host smaller events, the existing Coliseum cannot compare to live show venues like the Rave Eagles Club or the Armory.

On the county board, Henry will push for the redevelopment of the Alliant Energy Center complex into a pedestrian-friendly and vibrant entertainment and convention district that our community can be proud of. With Henry on the board, bringing big-name live music events to the UW-Campus' backyard is within reach.

Increase the campus connection.

While the Alliant Energy Center and the Coliseum have previously hosted large events, since the UW Hockey team received their own venue on campus, it has been slowly falling into disrepair. The Coliseum is approaching 60 years of use and it is time for a refresh. With the redevelopment of the Alliant Energy Center complex, there is a new opportunity for increased university involvement and utilization of the space.

By creating an improved and more attractive space to host events, Madison can attract conferences and exhibitions from around the country to Dane County.

Henry also envisions the redeveloped Alliant Energy Center as a space to host UW student expositions that can easily be attended by prospective employers, professors, and community members.

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