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Bring More Direct Flights to Dane County

It is safe to say that it's a hassle to fly to many popular student destinations from the Dane County Airport. Henry will work to expand direct flight options offered at the Dane County regional Airport. Let's increase flight offerings so students can see their families and travel for spring break with the ease they deserve.


Imagine not having to spend an entire day traveling home to see your family or having to take a crowded bus to Chicago to fly home. When spring break time comes around, it's important to be able to stretch your legs and take a well deserved break from school. Don't waste your week with travel time. Henry will push for more direct flights from MSN while also working to increase campus connectivity with the airport. 

Decreasing Language Barriers

Dane County is a multiethnic and multilingual place where all residents should feel welcome and supported. We have many residents who speak languages other than English with Spanish and Hmong being the most predominant. The Dane County Sheriff's Office should test the language skills of its employees as currently they self-report their language proficiency. The office should create a written policy about what to do when they encounter someone who does not speak English or when an interpreter needs to become involved. Currently the county makes use of interpreters via phone, which is not cheap. Many areas, particularly in rural Dane County, have marginal to non-existent cell service, rendering that not an option. Incentives should be paid to deputies who are multilingual or become fluent in another language.

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